Do you want to sell, rent or transfer your property or business ?. STAR HOMES en

Do you want to sell, rent or transfer your property or business ?


We carry out a Professional Photographic Report in High Quality, for an excellent presentation of your property

Property Valuation : Report based on real sale prices in your area in real time, we make a comparison with homes for sale similar to yours and the demand of buyer customers.

Maximum Visibility

Positioning in the best national and international portals, personalized marketing plans, banners, highlights, opportunities on the platforms.

Optimized Visits

We carry out an exhaustive filter to choose real potential clients and guarantee an effective sale. We provide clients with a descriptive dossier of the home prior to visits.

Sales Reports

We periodically provide you with a detailed report with the commercial activity and evolution of the demand for your property

Procedures and Documents

We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything: Calls, Offers, Negotiation, Certifications, Documentation, Notary, etc. You will have all the legal advice for your peace of mind.

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